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Awesome Skin Care

Beauty : Skincare

When you wake-up every morning before you put your make-up on put some coco butter or some other moustariser and leave it to dry then put your make up on!!!

before you go to bed do the same but wipe your make-up off first !!!

i know i shouldnt be saying this because it is bad for your skin but 2 keep muh make-up on longer my mate told me to spray a bit of hair spray on my face it actually works !!!!

By: Carlie Cunnington

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Good tips... but as you say the one about the hairspray on the face needs to be done with caution.

Basically hairspray has the purpose of keeping a hairstyle in place, and it is ok with the hair.

However it is not designed to be put on the pores of the skin and some people can have a bad reaction to it.

Also if you do use it on the face be very careful not to get it anywhere near your eyes, so cover and close your eyes whilst you do the spray!

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