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Basic Greek Language

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Here are some basics of the Greek language, so if you are travelling to Greece, you will know some of the lingo.
You could also pick up a language book from stores like WHSmith or Waterstones or even online from Ebay or Amazon to improve your Greek language.

Good Morning = Kalimera
Good Afternoon = Kalispera
Good Night = Kalinihta
Hello = Herete
Hello or Goodbye = Yassou

Thankyou = Efharisto
Your Welcome = Parakalo
Do you speak English? = Milate Anglika?
I dont understand = Then katalaveno
What is your name = Pos se lene?
My name is.. = Me lene..
Where are you from? = Apo pou eisai?
I am from England = Eimai apo Anglia
I want Coffee = Thelo ena kafe
I want Tea = Thelo ena tsai
I want a beer = Thelo mia mpira
I want a drink = Thelo ena poto
The bill please.. = Logariasmo parakalo
How much do i owe? = Poso hrostao
I am married = Eimai pantremeni
I have a boyfriend = Eho filo
Kiss = Fili
Kiss Me = Filise me
I love you = S' agapo
I like you = M' areseis
You are beautiful = Ise omorfi

Greece = Ellatha
Greek Man = Ellinas
Greek Woman = Ellintha
Athens = Athens
Crete = Kriti
Crete Man = Kritikos
Crete Woman = Kritikia
Agios Nikolaos =Ayios Nikolaos

White = Aspro
Black = Mavro
Grey = Gri
Blue = Ble
Red = Kokkino

England = Anglia
USA America = Ameriki

By: Jade

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