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Be A Celebrity

Beauty : Celebrity Look

Do you want to live the life of luxury and glamour Just like you favourite celebrity?

First things first. Most Hollywood celebrities are known for something. The most famous ones are singing and acting you know -showbiz!

Do you have a skill that you are really good at? If the answer is yes then you have a chance! If you don't know then ask around all the people that know you and you'll soon get a visable idea.

If its singing you are good at you need to get yourself out their get into competitions get on television shows let the world and the people that could put you on the map see you.!

Modelling is the same get out their and show yourself off soon if you have what agencies are looking for you could be on a billboard or down the catwalk!!

It's better to be famous for a skill than something you have or something silly you have done. Paris Hiltons tape put her out there a bit more than she already was and everyone world wide basically knows who that girl is !!

By: Marianne

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