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How To Be A Great Networker

Career : Business Networking

A great networker is not someone who just has a massive number of connections - that is a busy networker not a great networker.

A great networker performs a useful FUNCTION for the other members of the network.

This function could be identifying and creating useful links between members in the network who need each other or could work with each other to achieve some common aim.

A bad networker is someone who looks just to build connections for themselves with dis-regard for others.

Therefore have people in your network that you think you can help and can help you too. Also be as active as you can in the network, don't let connections just die but rather as someone is added to the network think if there is a useful introduction to another member that you could make.

People always remember help and favours and this approach is very likely to bring you success over a larger period of time.

By: Fred

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