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I have alot of blackheads on my nose, does anybody know how to get rid of them as they are really annoying and made me look really ugly :(

By: Zoe Bennett

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Blackheads are annoying yes.

The good thing about them is that they might be really noticeable to you but that's because you look at them really close in the mirror.

However blackheads are generally not that visible to other people so they probably won't even notice that you have them.

However don't get tempted to pick them as that can make them worse and on your nose will also make it go all red and blotchy and of course the nose is also quite sensitive.

So the best thing with blackheads is to try not to touch them. Wash the nose regularly to remove grease and dirt that builds up, particularly if you have long hair also keep it off your face as that can help to make blackheads not just on the nose but on other areas of the face too.

If you do those tips and eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water then it should help to minimise the spots over the period of a few months and remember that in a couple of years time anyway they will disappear as they are just one of those things that happens to all teenagers.

So forget about the blackheads and concentrate instead on having fun :)

I don't have that many spots (touch wood) but i do have my fair share of blackheads.... i really want them to go away and i don't no how to squezze them out and i have tried blackhead eliminating scrubs and toners and they don't go away!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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