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How To Boost Your Web Site Ranking

Computing : Internet

The answer is simple - you need to get a high listing on Google. This site is so phenomenal and so widely used that about 50% of web traffic to your site is likely to come from this one site alone, all things being equal.

That means that you just have to get a high placement on it. The problem is everyone else is trying to do the same, and there are about 5 billion sites out there. So what can you do?

Be specific. That's the key. Too many people try to get their site listed on thirty or fourthy phrases, you will never be good at that. Instead you should try and target three or four key phrases that reflect the content of your site, and optimise for that.

This means that you should have these phrases in your title tags and on each page of your site a few times. Perhaps it is the name of your company - then make sure you splash it liberally about the site. When google indexes the site and it sees how prevalent the key word phrase it, it means your site will get a higher ranking on this search.

So for instance if I want to optimise my site on "mobile phones" I might as well give up now - too many sites already do this. Better, target a specific phrase such as nokia 3510 cheap mobile phone" or something like that, and use the phrase a few times on each page of your site (if its about mobile phones, obviously). Then when people search for this in a month or so once your listing is refreshed, your site should be high up the list.

Whilst there are less searches for this than just mobile phones, it means that those who come to your site will definitely be interested in that phone increasing the choice of a sale, plus as mentioned earlier if you try to optimise your site for too generic a phrase then you really are fighting a losing battle.

Bottom line: focus on two or three key phrases that are specific and relevant to your site. Make sure you use those exact phrases a few times on each page, without detracting from your content. Then in a couple of months do a Google search on those phrases, and chances are that your site will have a decent listing. Good luck!

By: Pete Edwards on Sun, Oct 12th 2003

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