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Build My Confidence

Self Development : Confidence

Building your confidence is something that is very personal, but something that others can definitely help you with.

The most important single thing you need to be confident is to build a higher opinion of yourself.

Most feelings of lack of confidence stem from some sort of comparative inferiority to others, as perceived by ourselves. For instance in a meeting we're not confident enough to speak because we think our contribution is stupid and that others might laugh, or just that everyone is better and will come up with ideas that are better.

We might not ask someone out to dinner because we don't think we're good enough for them and they want someone better.

It's a common and typical pattern, and it can also be paralysing and prevent happiness, confidence and success all into one.

The first step therefore is to realise simply that we are all equal and we all have equal rights in the most important of respects.

The next step is to realise that you are all that you need. That's not a cryptic statement - it means that you are complete in yourself and therefore can stop searching for improvement, by removing hurdles to your goals those improvements will happen automatically.

By: Fred

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I think to build confidence you should tell yourself everyday as many times a day as you can that you are great you are a great person things like that and soon youll be beaming confidence out your ass ! - well after a little while ...

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