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How To Build Your Own Spa

Beauty : Skincare

First clean the bathroom. Then place candles around your spa for extra ambiance, and you can switch off or dim the lights (saves electricity too!). Play some relaxing music, such as saxophone tunes or nature sound effects.

Prepare your bubble bath, by using essential oils such as peppermint oil, which creates calmness and removes impurities. Bath salts can help to reduce aches and soothe tensed muscles. An exfoliate is a good idea, as it removes dead skin cells and deep cleans your skin, so you’re left feeling extra fresh. After your bath, moisturise your skin using body lotion, perhaps aloe vera or cocoa butter.

Stretch after to help relieve stress, and give you a good nights sleep. You can meditate or do yoga too.

Then find some clean bed sheets and pillows and change your bed. Pile up the extra cushions to create a relaxing and comfortable area. Choose a body pillow that’s suitable for your body and doesn’t cause any discomfort when you sleep. You could read a book before bed to wind down.

By: Danielle

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