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How To Build Your Website...

Computing : Web Sites

...Before you even start!

Too many people have a flimsy idea for a website, and throw together some pages.

Then over the next few weeks and months, when they have time, they add on a few pages here and then another few pages there.

The end result? A chaotic mess that does nothing in particular and certainly doesn't achieve what they set out to. Yet with ten minutes planning up front, things could have been so different!

Here's what you need to do up front:

- Sit down with an old fashioned pad of paper and pen

- Scribble down all the content you want to put on the site

- Then, work out a logical structure as to how all that content could hang together best on the site

- Once that is done, it is time to write the copy for the site: keep it to the point and focussed

- Final step: build it, then put it live... then promote it... then add more content... then promote it... and so the cycle begins!

By: Stephen

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