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How To Calculate Google Pagerank

Computing : Web Sites

First, a big disclaimer - no-one apart from a few at Google itself know exactly how pagerank is calculated.

However, it is generally agreed that some key items impact on pagerank, and that if you do well on these, you will get a decent pagerank.

They are as follows:

- Incoming links

The more incoming links to your site from relevant sites the better your page rank is likely to be as a rule.

Try to make incoming links have an accurate keyword to describe your site attached, for instance if you run a quotes site, include the word quotes in the title of the anchor link to your site.

Links from higher pagerank sites will bestow more pagerank on you than those from lower pagerank sites.

- Internal links

Internal sites also have an effect on pagerank, though it is less important. Therefore again ensure that you use clear descriptive keywords for internal links

Broadly speaking, the more links, both internal and external to a page, the more likely it is to get prominent pagerank.

You must make sure that you never try to manipulate your ranking in Google or any other search engine, as if you do so you are liable to be banned. Therefore know the rules, but always play by them!

By: Stephen

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