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How To Choose A Website Domain Name

Computing : Web Sites

In the old days, it was quite easy to choose a domain name - simply think of a couple of words relevant to your site, go to the registration engine, and that was it.

However, for the last five or so years the competition for domain names has increased and increased, as millions of domains are registered daily and it becomes harder and harder to find a name that you want.

Therefore you should try to choose a domain name that contains the words that are relevant to your site, but with a twist if necessary.

For instance, if you are starting a web site that will be reviewing digitalcameras, then it would be first and foremost highly advisable to have the words 'digital cameras' in the title.

However, you will not be surprised to know that domains with these two words alone are taken.

Therefore consider adding words before or after that add uniqueness and are available whilst still conveying the purpose of your site and being easy to remember, for instance:
yourdigitalcamera : at time of writing, whilst the .com is taken, the other domains are free, e.g. digitalcameras.org.

So, by simply adding another word that still ensures relevance, you are much more likely to find a great domain!

By: Stephen

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