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How To Choose An Authentication Type

Computing : Internet

The authentication type that you choose depends on the type of site you are building, the num­ber of authenticating users you are expecting, and whether yourASP.net application and users will be on different sides of the firewall. The authentication type that you choose will also directly affect the Authentication provider that you use to implement Authentication.

IIS Authentication

ASP.NET uses Windows authentication in conjunction with IIS authentication. Authentication is performed by IIS in one of three ways: basic, digest, or Integrated Windows Authentication. When IIS authentication is complete, ASP.NET uses the authenticated identity to authorize access. IIS Authentication happens before the resource request is passed to your ASP.Net application; it may be necessary to enable anonymous access in IIS to allow your ASP.Net security settings to take effect.

Consider using IIS Authentication when:

* You need restrict access to some of your sites resources.
* You do not need to customize the logon screen.
* Your users' accounts are stored in valid Windows accounts.
* You don't mind the standard Windows logon screen.

Passport Authentication

Centralized authentication is a service provided by Microsoft that offers a single logon and core profile services for member sites.

You should use passport authentication when your users require a single login to the asp.net applications that you develop. Also, if you do not wish to maintain user information, passport authentication has many options for gathering user profile type information.

By: Gaurav Bora

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