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Choosing The Right Moisturiser For Your Face

Beauty : Skincare

It is very important to get your moisturiser right for your skin type as failing to do this may make you more prone to spots or other problems. First of all, find out what your facial skin type is. Is it oily, dry or a combination of both of these?
Then you will need to choose the right products to combat these issues. You might have to try a few out to find out which one works best, then you can stick with it.
You may want to consider sample sized products so you can take them on holiday or fit them into your hand bag whilst you are out and about during the day or evening. It might also save you money, so you can decide which product to use before making a final decision on which one you feel works the best for you.
If you find at least 2 moisturisers that you like, then you could consider trading them out, so alternate between the two in case your skin becomes ‘immune’ to one cream and stop working.

By: Danielle

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A gr8 moisturiser is "simple" because it has no chemicals and isn't irritant to people with sensative skin! but the OVERALL best moisturiser is after sun because it gives you a gr8 moisturiser and works a charm on dry skin,

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