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Christmas Counting Game: Fizz Buzz


Fizz buzz is a hilarious counting game that is guaranteed to get your brain in a right pickle over Christmas time!

The way this game works is to substitute certain numbers for words.

In the classic version of the game, you don't say three or five but replace them with fizz and buzz respectively.

However, you do it on multiples too, so ten for instance is buzz because it is a multiple of five.

And what happens you are surely wondering if you get a number that is a multiple of both three and five? Well then, in that case you say fizz buzz.

Challenge each person to get to 100 as quickly as they can. When they make a mistake, that means that they are out of the game.

The winner is the person to get as far as possible, and if by some miracle more than one person makes it then it's the person in the quickest time.

What does the winner get? Why, a glass of well earnt bucks fizz, of course!

By: Stephanie

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