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Clear Up Your Spots Fast

Beauty : Skincare

Im Abigail And I No How It Feels To Go Through Endless Days Of 'Mum i have spots HELP ME' If So Im Excsactly Like You!!! Its Very Annoying especially when you like a guy But You Feel so Unconfident You Cant Ask Him How You feel Ive Found A Way To Help...x
Go To A Shop And buy expoliating Face Wipes They Dont Need To Be Expensive I Got Mine Out of Aldi For Just £1:20 They Really Help If You Do It Once A Day

DONT USE FOUNDATION i no you wanna make your spots un-viewable but trust me if you stop using it they will go away

Drink Lots Of Water Or juice Juice will give your skin proteen to make your pores feel better and give it a glimmer of happyness insted of unhappyness..x

There Are Lots Of Different Ways To Get Rid Of Those Horrid Spots But Ive Told You The Great Secrets Of How Mine Have Gone Away No They Wont Go Forever But If You Keep Using Your Wipes Or Being Heathy They Will Soon Go away Tell How you Have Done
Good Luck...x

Abigail x

By: Abigail

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Hiya my back and chest are horribly spotty can anyone help me out ? please xx

Thanks the advice it really does work im like wow lol i heard of the drinking water thing but i didnt really like the taste of it so i started drinking flavoured water and it does work its fabulous lol x

I had spots since my teens ..im 51 now...i spent a fortune on skin treatments/ doctors/medication etc to get rid of them and nothing worked...then..3 years ago i gave up dairy products and my spots cleared up within a week and ive never got them back!!i just stay off the dairy...NOBODY..no chemist/dermatologist/beautician ever suggested this...it was just by chance i changed my diet!

One more way to get rid of pimples ia to mix a lil amount of milk wid lil amount of orange juice..Apply before going to bed..It reallu helps...

I am going to America in a few weeks, and meeting an ex girlfriend of mine over there. I have always suffered with bad spots, and at the age of 24 is embarrassing. But these past few days it has almost cleared up, and my face looks the best it has ever. Here's how I did it.

1. Don't use bar soap.

2. Take a shower in favour of a bath, and turn up the heat as hot as you can stand, so it is steaming.

3. Really work in the shower gel into your face, and continue to rub it it with your face under the hot water. (You may need to hold your nose)

4. Always use a fresh towel and dry yourself as dry as you can.

5. Fill up the wash basin with COLD water. As cold as it will go and submerge your face under the water. Count to 20 slowly and then take your face out. Splash some cold water all over your face.

6. Dry your face by dabbing with a clean part of the towel.

7. Drink 2 pints of water

8. Avoid fatty food and fizzy drinks.

9. Repeat all above if you can at the end of your day, or at the very least drink another 2 pints of water.

10. when you shave, go for single blades if you can

11. Only shave in the direction of your hairs

12. Change your blades at least once a week, more if you finances allow

13. Don't pick or play with them

14. Be confident it will work, stress makes it worse.

Hope that helps you.

Heya. i just read your advise, i have started getting alot of spots latly im 13,, i asked mum and she says drink water and wash face often ,, i stareted doing it and its help realy well but no i stoped for no reason and there back so i think i best start my rutine agen and hope it works,, i also have started getting spots on my back and chest??? the ones on my back are verry painfull, and the ones on my chest arent ,, they havnt gone whilst i have been washing and drinking water what can i do???

Spots can be such a pain! i dont have terrible skin but i have big blckheads and spots on my forehead. But i think it makes a huge differenceby drinking a TON of water and washing your face morning and night. also by exfoliating twice a week it gets rid of blackheads! Also TCP is very good to get rid of scarring from spots!

Well i tried everything the hot to cold wash the tea tree and evan the tooth paste nothing seemed to work so i tried tcp, +sudo-cream still never worked i made my mum buy me all the facial washes but they were still there so i tried nail polish remover it stings for a little but it really does the trick im not saying all the other methods work all skin types are different i hope this helped (: p.s. just like a bruise you can get rid of spot swelling with ice or anything cold.

Hi, to get rid of spots on back and chest you can always use an exfoliating scrub, it may be slightly painful but just turns the spots to small red dots after about 2 washes, then they will gradually fade to nothing

If you want to get rid of spots on you back and body
try using idfferent soap/showergel because you might be allergic to it.
if that doesnt help try savlon or antiseptic cream and if that doesnt work try to go to you doctor. they wont laugh at you they will just give you something to help get rid of them

Ok here i go this is what iv been doing for 2 days and all of my 4 spots have completly gone

1 i came up with this my self first i prepare all the things i need which are

bowl of boiling water
face cloth
simple deep cleansing face mask
ice cubes

2:get the face cloth and dip it into the boiling water and place down on each spot individually this burns the heck outa them but hey beauty is pain take away cloth from spot and stick the ice cube to the spot repeat this on each spot

2 after you've done this apply your face mask to your entire face and leave for 3 minutes then rinse with a warm cloth

3 cover each spot will a tick layer of sudocream dont rub in do all this befor you go to sleep and dont forget to cover your pillow with a clean towel

hope i helped

Thanks your tip really works ive been wantng to go out with this guy for ages and i finally got him YES!!! and all because of your tips thank you so much.

Hey i am 17 and have had spots for like 5 years now:( i have tried every product their is clearisil, clean and clear the lot and none work. honestly.
ma mum is a beautician in boots and she gave me this product called st.ives apricot scrub it is quite hard to get but superdrug does it and it is a little clear but the result is so good. you can get different ones but deep cleanser is the best i used it for about a month and all spots and red marks were gone and it gives u a good complexion.
while i used it i put sudocrem on before bed and this also helped but it makes quite a bit of mess and always drink loads of water. trust me these three things really do work well for me anyway.
hope this helps:)x

I have many spots on my face give me any good tip so that i should get rid off

{{{Heyy. I used to always get sopts :| I hated them. Now i have clear skin all because i followed all of these tips -
(*) Drink ALOT of water!!
(*) Clean ur face as much as possible (morning +night)
(*) Dont eat as much chocolate
(*) Use toothpaste on spots
(*) Any sort of sopt creams
(*) DO NOT pick spots
(*) Try and keep hair out of face
(*) Go to sleep longer at night (especially if u get up early the next morning)
(*) Keep hands away from face
(*) Wash hands alot!
(*) try not to wear as much/any make-up

Well anythink can be used for spots but all i do is wear make up. to be honest i went through a little while without foundation and all of a sudden all the spots started to come through. i have a fat red one near my cheek and it really hurts. all u have to do is rub soap and salt together on ur hands and rub it into ur face. it works great n also...wear dream matte mouse foundation...it dont give u spots!! drink lots of water based drinks too!!!!!

Hey! Im Megan also Known as Rikki (cariba Heine) of H2o I have Had spots for 3 Years Now and I am Very Thankful They Have started to Disapear, the thing i used is i went to the Bathroom run the warm tap and splashed my face with warm water i dried it then got my clearasil, (clear blue bottle) and put it on a cotten bud and rubbed it on my Face it May Have stinged a bit but it was worth it its only been ten mns and theyre already starting to clear up

HI everyone, i hahve spots either..i did everything you can think abt. but it got worse.. my dematologist gave me some advice and it really helped so i'm writing
1.consult the doctor and find out if you have any diseases.(indigestion , uterus prolems,goitar etc.)if you have one begin with treating it
2.healthy diet (evade junk food, eat lots of vegetables, fruits, but try to evade orange, strawberry )
3. drink lots of water
4. don't touch your skin
5. speacial lotion for the face ( keep it on ur face for 30 minutes in the morning then wah it off , put on special cream meant for eyelashes, ears and eyebrows before doing it wipe them with marigold), at night put on the lotion and dont wash it
6.put on tea tree cream on ur face for 40 minutes once a day after lotion
&.use special peeling () the one i used i din't know the ingridients but it smelt of cocoa)
7 use clean pillows only.
8.use sunscreen

Hey im 13 and just recently(like say a week ago) had a REALLY bad breakout. it was a rash, but it felt like really tiny horrible spots. but what i did was rub sudocrem ALL over my face, and made sure it was fully absorbed. i then rubbed bio oil all over my face. i did this every morning and night, and eventually, my skin was feeling soft and how it used to be. it went in about 4 days. and if you think you're skin is going to break out again - just do the same thing again.
Hope this helps! x :)

Heey :O

I m nicola 13

I ave Spot's :o :(
how can iget rid of them xxxxxxxx :)
help pleaseeee :(

Well my mum brout this stuff home called hydrogen peroxide and was 3% it dosnt bring it down but it makes the white head come up so its esier to deal with however u want hope this helped :)

Hey guys I know how u all must feel I hate spots and I really like my make up but that was giving me the spots and I still wanted 2 use it so my mam got me some bare essentials makeup which is really good 4 your skin and prevents spots I am alSo trying sudocrem and toothpaste overnight and leaving ice on 4 bout 10-15 mins so I will keep u posted on how that works my mAin tips are : keep your face clean wash it every day , drink at least 2. Litres of water per day , take any make up of after you have had it on and my extra secret tip is to get facewash to use on a daily basis to wash your face with warm water will clean it and the facewah will also help as long as you use it daily I would suggest : simple the brand and freederm the simple is pink in a clear bottle I think the make is netraugena or something hope this all helps the main thing is don't worry everyone gets spots and just think your not the only one !! Lol. X

Ok, people think that you must Drink Water ect.. Sorry, Drinking water dosent help your spots Atall, it clenses the skin, it dosent remove Sebum which is what your skin produces..

The main factor of spots is how you sleep. When you're on one side of your pillow, it becomes hot. Sweat then becomes warm and opens your pores, the sweat carries dirt from your pillow which then transfers onto your skin and into pours. You then turn over and the cold air closes your pours.

1) Wash Bedding/Pillow case Often. Or just pillow cases twice a week?.
2) Eat sensible.
3) if you have spots, but dont want them to show as bad, get a TAN! Go to tanning bed, or if its sunny outside go there. get a few rays. the more colour you have to your skin the better. RED Spots will show up more on a WHITE face!.

Hope i helped!

Hey guys so Im new to this, but I have an awsome 3 day healing plan for spots:) you might not have these cosmetics but everyday get p and wash your face with fairly hot water then with cold-if you have, blob a bit of clearisil onto the spots if you don't have clearisil- diprobase or sudocream work just as good. Make sure to have at least 2 fruits a day and upto 4 litres of water or orange juice. Let air get to your spots and don't cover them up with makeup- it irritates them! Before you go to bed, put clearasil/ sudocream/ diprobase on your spots ect.Do this for atleast 2-3 days and your spots should have cleared up! Xx

Hi xx
Have you tried perfume? It does sound silly but it worked for me. I used the So... Range of them so i don't no if any other ones work or not. At first it really stings and makes your skin feel dead dry but when you've been using it a while (up to the second day) Your skin fells soft and it feels hot when you put it on. Try and re applie every time it drys out to all your spots.
I hope this helped xx

Jessica Louise :D

Help:( i put on sudocrem and improved but idk if i was ment to wash it off so i did and it all red again:(( help me please!!:(

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