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How To Cold Call Successfully

Business : Starting Up In Business

When you're starting off in business, it's a fact that from time to time you will have to cold call to try and drum up business. Although it has bad press and you need to be prepared to be rejected instantly, here are some tips:

- Be patient. If the person appears interested, don't get too ambitious too soon - continue your dialogue, and try to set up a sales marketing - don't sell the product over the phone

- Don't apply a scatter gun approach whilst calling - it will waste your time and theirs. Rather, research specifically the market you are looking into. If you have access to it, use a business database to target specific companies of interest to you - for instance OneSource.

- Prepare a few key phrases to drop into your conversation. Your first few sentences should be prepared, and tweaked over time to those that get the best response. All you want at the start is the chance to enter a dialogue

- Persistence is key! You need to accept that a lot of calls may be necessary to get the business

- Call in the morning. This is when you are most likely to get to speak to the decision makers before they go into their meetings and are stressed out by the events of the day

- Warm them up. If you can, send your sales literature in advance of the call, so they have something to remember you by. If they have some idea who you are beforehand, however vague, that's better than nothing.

By: Stephen

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