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Create A Christmas Budget


Write down every person you want to buy a gift for this year. Include family members, friends and work colleagues. Remember presents for party hosts or special events such as Secret Santaís. Assign each person a maximum amount you wish to spend on them. Take into account what they usually buy you and maybe donít exceed the amount or go too below it. Whatever you do, donít go over the budget or you will end up spending too much.

Make a list of extra things you need to buy for this season. This includes greetings cars, postage costs, gift wrapping supplies like paper, cellotape and bows, holiday decorations and of course Christmas dinner. Include a little bit extra into your budget in case something last minute comes up.

Add up the total cost of everything and see if you have enough money to cover it all. If not, then make a few cut backs and use old leftover cards or make your own for example. Put the money into a savings account and donít use it for anything else other than planned.

By: Danielle

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