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How To Create A Successful Site

Computing : Web Sites

There are millions of web sites out there, the vast majority of which have no traffic at all. It's the same old rule - a small minority of sites get the majority of web traffic.

Here are some tips that will help you get a successful site:

- speed is key: make sure it loads quickly. People are fed up of slow loading sites and elaborate Flash intros. Get to the content.

- update frequently: if you want people to come back, it must be updated weekly at least

- publicise the site whenever you can: to friends, family, on stationery, any emails that you send out

- consider a free email newsletter with hints and tips to share your information with others

- try to advertise your site organically: on related forums on other sites

- consider cross linking with others in a relevant arena to your site

- keep enthusiastic: it can take a while to get success

- ensure that you submit to the major search engines

By: Stephen

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