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How To Develop The Mindset Of A Great Writer

Hobbies : Writing

If you want to become a great writer, then you need to study the work of a great writer.

Take out your favourite book by an author you really admire.

Skip to a paragraph or even a page of the text that you think is masterful - perhaps the expressions used are brilliant, the powerful descriptions making you feel like you are really part of the action.

Whatever the reason you like that particular passage - write it out by hand with a pen in your hand as if it were you writing it for real.

This really helps you understand and explore the imagination of the author who wrote it, and whilst it sounds strange this practice can actually help you with your own writing, as you can try to feel the same feeling when writing your own material and having material hit the paper from your pen in the same majestic style as you feel it does from that particular author.

By: Fred

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