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How To Develop Your Network

Career : Business Networking

When it comes to your future business success, often who you know and not what you know is the most important criterion.

To develop who you know takes time and effort on your part, and learning to be a good networker is all part of the game.

You need to take any opportunity to meet new people as you never know who will come in useful as a contact down the line, and indeed who will be someone that you may be able to help too at the appropriate time.

So when you do your networking be diligent - after meeting write down the key details about each person, how you know them where you met and so on together with contact details.

With your main contacts try to keep in touch at least every three to six months so that if you need advice from them in the future or their help you know just where to find them.

If you don't get in touch with someone for over a year then consider the possibility that you may have lost touch permanently. If they are a potentially important contact for you, don't let this happen.

Overall treat your network with respect not just as people who can help you out on a one way street. Reciprocate help with your contacts and you are half way there.

By: Fred

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