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How To Discipline Step Children

Relationships : Family

Disciplining step children can be a notoriously difficult thing to do.

That's because we naturally only tend to take a telling off from people that we love and respect.

And if you are a recent step parent then the child is likely not to yet respect and perhaps even like you, which can make disciplining rather hard or in fact impossible.

Therefore if the occasion arises where they do something wrong, then until you feel comfortable and know them well, let the parent know and let them do the disciplining.

Over time get to know the step child or step children, and when it feels right they will have built up respect and a liking for you, making it possible for you to discipline them.

Also adopt the standards of their natural parent, there is nothing more confusing than if one role model figure takes one attitude and line whilst the other a different viewpoint.

By: Phil on Wed, Mar 22nd 2006

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