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How To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree


If you have a Christmas tree that is live, then you will need to dispose of it carefully after the period is over.

First, you should ensure that the lights are unplugged and taken off the tree.

Then go through the process of removing all the decorations. Tidy them away nicely even if this is boring - it will make it much easier next year and the decorations won't have gone missing requiring you buy more!

Once done, lay the tree parallel to the ground, remove from the stand - beware of water!

Finally, take the tree out to the garden. As appropriate, consider cutting up and using the wood for useful purposes in the garden or the home. Even the needles can be used as mulch.

Also, many councils come round and offer free tree collection services, so if this sounds more appropriate to your needs, consider this option by all means.

By: Stephen

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