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Domain Name Hosting In The UK

Computing : Web Sites

If you are looking to host your website, either for the first time, or to get a better deal, it can be truly bewildering. There are literally thousands of providers out there, bidding for your business, some that charge a small amount for a large number of services, and other providers that offer much less value.

One good provider in Europe are 1&1, at http://www.oneandone.co.uk, who offer good quality hosting accounts at decent prices.
If you are looking for a domain name host, however, probably the best port of call is simply to do some research. Decide what facilities you need, and then search google to find five or so hosting companies. Compare prices, and if you wish, phone them up.

Remember that the support provided is important. Also remember to check whether they charge you to transfer domains out, because at some stage you may wish to move your domain names elsewhere.

By: Stephen

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