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Dress Like A Celebrity

Beauty : Celebrity Look

Like me one time or another you'll have wondered how celebs like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and so on get up and get dressed just to get coffee and still look fabulously great? Celebs are into that lazy vintage style and you can get the look too!

When you wake up and get ready ect don't put a brush through your hair. Tousel it through root to tip with your fingers to get the mess look.

Pull on some Tight jeans and make sure there a nice dark shade not just blue like all jeans black, dark brown, cords whatever!

Dare to be different try things you have never worn and would never think of wearing , put on a nice top or a baggy loose one.

Layer Effect! Layer all of it on from chunky bangels to scarves, beads are good aswell long ones especially..

Wear some Flat pumps or tie up flats.

Fill up the biggest bag you can find.

Smear some vaseline or any other clear lipgloss to give you a shine.. smunge black eyeliner around your eyes..

Now your good to go get some coffee and look like a celeb whilst doing it!

By: Marianne

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