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How To Even Out A Tan After Peeling

Beauty : Skincare

Skin cancer can be caused by skin damage from the sun or sun beds, so its important to care for it especially if you get burnt.

Apply a mild body scrub on your skin every day as this helps to get rid of all the dead and damaged skin cells, so it allows new ones to develop and heal your skin. Any uneven tan lines will also begin to disappear gradually.

Rub moisturiser that has an aloe vera element to it, all over your skin. It will soothe it and reduce any redness.

Apply sunless tanning lotion to your skin to camoflauge any tan lines or discolorations. You could also get a spray on at a salon if you prefer. This will make your skin look more even whilst it sorts itself out.

Try Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Foam for an even, natural looking tan. Avoid exposing yourself directly to the sun until your skin tone has evened itself out and healed up. Wear sun screen to prevent sunburn, and take regular breaks.

By: Danielle

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