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Find Out About What Make You Attracted To Certain People

Relationships : Finding Love

Theres a theory about why people are attracted to certain faces..

I call it 'similar features' it basically means you're generally attracted to people with certain features that match yours.

-I'll explain!

They say that the Filtrum, shape of the eyelid, and sweep of your eye brow are the main features that should match or be similar in both the partners

Take a look at your Girl or Guy's Filtrum - is it a shallow groove or angular or very wide?

Their eyelids - are they big, hooded, hardly noticable, or anything else that stand out about them..

And finally their eyebrows - are they angular, very arched, curved, straight across? (this one varies with girls, because we pluck our making them more arched, but the general resemblence should be visible.

Compare all of these with your own and see if any of them are similar... or look in a magazine at celeb couples... you'll see what i mean!

By: Olivia Kupai

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