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How To Fit A Venetian Blind.

DIY : Decorating

Venetian blinds are extremely easy to fit, and there are only a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you start.

Most importantly, you need to check the following:

1} Will the window {if it opens inwards} still open with the blind fitted? If not, youíll need to consider a face, rather than a recess, mount.

2} Will the blind clear any window vents or handles?

3} On which side do you want the control ropes and/or the slat tilt mechanism? In general, if youíre right-handed, these should be on the right-hand side.

With these considerations taken care of, fitting is very straightforward.

The brackets {which should be equally spaced, taking particular care to avoid the internal mechanisms in the blind track} are simply screwed into the window casement - using rawlplugs if necessary Ė and the blind secured on to them.

If the blind doesnít sit flush with the window sill when itís fully lowered, remove one or more of the brackets and insert spacers or washers to take up the gap.

By: John Hughes

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