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Fruit Tips

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Peak Season Fruit Tips

Below are a list of fruits and the peak season they taste the best.

Apples - September through December
Apricots- June and July
Avocados- March and April
Bananas- March through May
Blackberries- June through August
Blueberries- July and august
Cherries- June and July
Cranberries- October and November
Grapefruit- November through April
Grapes September through November
Lemons- June and July
Limes- June through August
Melons- July through October
Oranges December through March
Peaches- July and august
Pears- August through October
Persimmons- October and November
Pineapples- March through June
Quinces October through January
Raspberries June
Rhubarb- April through June
Strawberries May and June
Tangerines December and January

By: Bev

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