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How To Get An Engagement Ring She Will Love

Relationships : Marriage

Most men don't realise what their partner is wearing from one day to the next, have no idea of their personal style and what they do and do not like.

That's not so much a stereotype, it is simply in general true as all the guys I've spoken to admit. There are some who notice these things, but in the main men are not as observant as women when it comes to that sort of thing.

Given this it can be tricky to get an engagement ring. Sure you have worked out just about what size they need for their ring - and make sure you have the measurements for the RING FINGER and not another one to avoid embarrassment when it doesn't fit by the way!

So how to get the perfect ring? Well, you need to find out from her friends and family what their thoughts are - chances are she talks to her friends about jewellery and not you. If you're lucky she's spoken about the possibility of getting engaged to her friends and might even have said what sort of friend she wants; her girlfriends in any case will probably have a good idea of what sort of thing she would like so be sure to talk to them.

You can also see what jewellery she currently wears - what her favourite sort of stone is - whilst diamonds are traditional some women don't actually really like them, so a bit of colour might be in order.

Since it will be something she wears forever (hopefully) then you need to make sure you get it right, so get as many opinions as you can, research her current jewellery and look for themes as to what she likes, and get as much info from her family and friends as you can too!

By: Stephanie

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