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How To Get Baby Soft Skin

Beauty : Skincare

Do you suffer from dry skin? I know a treatment that really works!!

I've been using it for months and it never lets me down.

How to treat dry skin

if you suffer from dry skin around the eyes, use "The Body Shop's" vitamin E oil, it really works. If you suffer from dry skin, just about anywhere, then use "Johnson & johnson's Baby Oil / Baby Oil Gel". I swear to you, it really works. I personally prefer the Gel because it isn't so runny but if you use it every morning and every night, then i guarantee you, you will see a difference in 7 days or less!! I really does work! I suffered from terribly dry skin, and now its lovely and soft, and it also gets rid of cellulite and any unsightly stretch marks!!

How to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite

for another tip on getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite, try the Body Shop's Vitamin E cream, as mentioned earlier, it will reduce them by up to half!!

By: Amanda Waters on Fri, Feb 13th 2004

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I absolutley agree i have started to use baby oil every day after my shower and it has completely made them so smooth. i suffer from dry skin my self but these effects were just amazing!.

Don't be fooled by baby oil or gel products!! It's merely mineral oil and scent! Mineral oil is manufactured from a crude oil, same as motor oil!

Mineral oil creates a plastic like layer on the skin's surface and doesn't allow natural sweat or heat exchange if used for long enough. Mineral oil will only irritate and clog pores, it goes by spy names too such as petrolatum etc. avoid any and all products creating this!.

I also totally agree with using baby oil gel. I frequently forget to use it every time I bathe, but I use it aleast 2 times a week, and that has made more than enough of a difference to keep using the gel. I also just frequently apply it to areas like elbows, knees & feet whenever I think about it. The gel works really good because of its consistency..

I apply baby oil to my legs (after shaving of course) at the end of my shower. Rinse lightlyin cool water and your legs are soft and smooth and have a nice gleam to them. I also use any moisturizer as well, works just the same..

To get baby soft kissable skin use st ives apricot exfoliating scrub it makes your skin really soft you can really tell the difference! becx

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Does just the baby oil 2 times a day get rid of the cellulite?...
- Thu, Apr 22nd 2004

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