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How To Get Faster Broadband

Computing : Internet

It can be very frustrating when your internet connection is slow. The following may help improve the speed of it:

- Move the router around. Sometimes a change in position can help the connection reach the required computer better, as there may be interference from objects that emit wireless signals such as mobile phones and thick materials like TVs, walls and doors. The least in the way of the computer and the router, the better. Bluetooth signals can often affect lap tops too.

- Use a speed tester website to check your current connection, and then again after these tips to see if there is a difference.

Contact your ISP if the connection speed is lower than expected. They may be able to sort the line out although you may be put on hold for ages or experience down times while they fix it so this should be a last resort.

You can also try clearing out your cache, upgrading your browser and software updates, have the least number of windows on your screen open as possible, add a password to your network to stop others using it.

By: Danielle

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