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How To Get Feedback On Your Site

Computing : Web Sites

If you have a website, it can be hard to be objective about it. As your pet project, it can be hard to take that step back and see what's working well about the site, and conversely, what's not going quite so well.

Therefore you should contact your users, as after all, they are the ones who really experience the site.

It can be easy to set up a questionnaire that will ask the key questions that you're interested in, and drum up some interest in your site at the same time.

If you have some programming skills, then you can write a simple feedback form yourself. Alternatively, many hosting providers have built in CGIs that you can adapt.

Otherwise, there are many websites out there which will let you run a survey on your site for free.

In order to find such sites, simply search on your preferred search engine for 'build free questionnaire' or 'free feedback form', 'free website poll', 'free website survey', or whatever particular individual nuance will work best for you!

By: Stephen

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