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Get The Paris Hilton Look

Beauty : Celebrity Look

Looking like Paris Hilton is all about the fashion and style and attitude. Whilst we can't get you a lifestyle and money where you never need do a day's proper work in your life, here's how to get the look.

The most noticeable thing is the long blonde hair - therefore dye your hair almost white blonde then get extensions to make it long, or be patient and grow it long!

Use a tanning product to get that distinctive tan that people who spend too much in the sun get (or just use fake tan themselves!)

When it comes to make up, use a eyeshadow with some glitter or shimmer, and black eyeliner.

Take good care of eyebrows and use a light coloure lipstick.

When it comes to clothes, it has to be short and revealing to mimic the usual Paris look. Delicate skirts are plain coloured tops are in.

As for accessories, get a large collectionf of bags and some high heels.

By: Stephanie

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Well i think nobody should have to look like anybody. you should be yourself and make yourself look nice and be confident wiyh yourself alot of people want to look like celebritys but i think its more natural to be yourself.x bec x

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