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How To Get Your Press Release Published


If you are contacting media companies with a press release, you'll know that the rejection rate can be rather high.

Here are some tips to be one of those that does get through.

KEY: have a gripping headline, that will grab readers. Learn from the tabloids: keep it short, sharp and to the point (but probably not too jokey!)

Structure the first few paragraphs following these simple rules:

Paragraph One

Use this to set the scene: include the city, date or any other relevant details with regard the event. Include the names and context of the PR

Paragraph Two

Give the more in depth details here, and a quote from the organiser or a relevant other

Paragraph Three

Put your key message in this paragraph, and another quote to support the key message (or the 'call to action' of your press release)

Subsequent paragraphs

Try to keep these short and snappy, and not too long. Never repeat yourselve in a press release. Ideally this should now lead to the conclusion.

By: Stephen

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