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Look Amazing At The Beach

Beauty : Beach Fashion

Are you planning a day out at the beach? Do you want to look amazing? Well find out how with these steps!

If you are overweight, lose the weight now! Cut out fatty foods, get more exercise and if you really want to make a difference, join a gym! Buy a pedometer and try and tot up a huge amount of steps in a day, eat fresh fruit and veg and go running or cycling!
If you aren't tanned, buy some fake tan or moisturizer with a gradual 'build up' tan in it. Start using it and getting used to it, and learn how to put it on and not look streaky.
Start growing your nails if they are bitten or too short. Paint both your fingernails and toenails a bright, summery colour such as orange, hot pink or lime green!
Get 'beach hair' by keeping your hair damp to encourage natural waves, or loosely curl your hair and rufle it up to make it look natural!
Buy a bikini that fits nicely! Don't buy a black one; try and get one in the brightest, most summery colours you can find!
Buy some waterproof mascara, put a coat on, put on some sun lotion and some SPF lipbalm.
Slip on some flipflops, slide on some cool sunglasses and go to the beach!

By: Marianne

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