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How To Grow Your Hair

Beauty : Haircare

Get long hair

If you're trying to grow your hair, forget the old tip that you should have the ends trimmed regularly. Wait at least three months before doing so. Hair seems to grow quicker this way and long hair results!

By: Maryemm on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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How to grow hair quicker: use horse shampoo sold in any pet feed store. It grows twice as quick and is great for your hair.

Massaging you head also works well.....

A few tips - Never towel dry your hair, instead use the towel to smooth your hair (you're hairs weakest when wet) also finish off washing your hair with a blast of freezing water, and try to use electric items sparingly (e.g. Straighneters, Hair dryer) to make sure that your hair is healthy when its long. .

Horse Shampoo, is simply the best for growing your hair. (I mean Mane & Tail shampoo used for shampooing the tail of horses) I've use this shampoo for several years, and my hair is so thick. I have mix this shampoo with peppermint, lavendar, and lots of other essential oils to stimulate growth & it has worked wonderfully for me!


Unfortunately, theres not much you can do if you can't find Horse Hair shampoo like me (my nearest pet shop is 20 miles away) except wait.


Horses main and tail works great and now you do not even have to go to a pet shop. I found it in the pet section of my wal-mart! Another product that helps grow fast is tea tree oil. It is like pepermint so it really stimulates your scalp and makes hair grow super fast and healthy. Plus it is good to use when you have a cold.

Get some Tiger Reconstructor. My neighbor's daughter uses the whole line. She loves it. Every time she gets her hair cut, it's always too short. So she just uses this, until it is the length she wants.

Also L. Argenine is good.

Although i m not a girl i am a boy i can give you decent advice on hair because I am Sikh and I dont cut my hair whitch is one thing and secondly wash it lots thirdly use good hair products fourthly use coconut oil get it from indian stores use it before you wash your hair and thats how you get great hair

Hi, i just wan to know if its really true about the horse shampoo. im from philippines by the way. i found this shampoo with a horse logi on it and the title is BLACK BEAUTY.

i want to know if you have some home remidies also. i tried it but for 2 days, and my hair just got thinner. im 19 years old and i don't want to be bold when im 25.

please do reply and help if you can and hope you try. thanks..
a guy with thin hair.

Whats up man, i read ur article nd i was wondering how do i use the shampoo nd what's the name of it cause i've tried to grow my hair for a while nd it takes for ever so i get frustrated nd cut it , so can u let me know the name of that shampoo

So use main n tail plus tea tree oil to grow

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