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How To Hang A Picture Properly

DIY : Home Repair

Finding the right spot for your picture can be tough. You need to check that the room you have chosen has the right decor scheme, and that a picture will not make it look overcrowded or unbalanced and so on. You don't want the room to look untidy because everything is just crammed in. For a proper idea of how it will look in the spot you have chosen, get someone to hold it there while you view it from different angles and see the overall effect it has on the room.

Make sure the wire is strong enough to hold the picture up, and also remember it should not be seen above the frame. However, to make it more secure and also centre it more easily, you can buy little felt pads which can be attached to the bottom corners of the frame and these will stabilise it.

Again you can get someone to hold the picture while you lightly mark the wall where you are going to place the nails/hooks etc. Remember also that you need to carefully consider the height it will hang from the wall at. Do you want it level with other pictures or do you want the centre of the picture to be roughly eye level? If someone holds it roughly in that position, then you can stand back and look at it, and get them to move it up and down as you see fit,

To work out where to place the nail or hook in the wall, hold the picture against the wall with one finger linked through the centre of the wire, and adjust your hand until the picture is hanging from your finger like it would from the hook, then mark on the wall the spot where your finger was. Then you can attach the hook or nail to the wall and the picture should hang just as you like it!

By: Pete Cornwell on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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