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Home Business: Getting The Most From Existing Clients

Business : Home Working

One of the key techniques of running your own business from home is how you treat your existing clients.

Often the true measure of a successful business is how their actual clients feel about them, and how you act towards them.

Existing clients are actually the best to re-sell to: if you have done a good job they will know about the quality of your product and you might have therefore got a client for life.

Yet many people forget about existing clients once their piece of work is out the way. Don't, that's a mistake!

One way to get more business is to try to cross-sell other relevant products to clients, once you have finished their main project and it is clear they are happy with the work.

Also once you have a reasonable client base, consider offering them money for referrals: more details in the affiliate scheme article.

By: Fred

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