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How The Internet Can Help You Fall In Love

Relationships : Love

It is true that the internet can help you fall in love whatever you think about it!

What you need to do is come up with a list of words that are important to you and then screen the profiles for people that match those keywords.

The more that they share in common, for instance active, loving, tennis, photography, or whatever your words happen to be the better.

Then when you make contact you simply ask questions about what you like and see what their opinion is.

But here's THE KEY! Most people do this wrong - they say what they like and dislike and then ask the guy how they feel.

Now if they like you they will often say anything just to get to meet you. What you need to do is remain NEUTRAL and ask their opinion on these matters, or even be a bit of a red herring and tell them you don't like what you do and vice versa and see if they feel opposite and are prepared to say so.

By doing this and not saying how you feel you get their true thoughts and opinions on a subject and this can be a great way to quickly get down to a list of eligible people who you might just be able to fall in love with!

By: Stephanie

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