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How To Influence The Sex Of Your Baby

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There is no guarantee that this will work but I reckon it worked for me. To try to influence the sex of your baby when trying to get pregnant, for a girl, make love frequently until at least 24 hours before ovulation. Then, avoid sex until at least a week after ovulation.

How to have a baby boy

For a boy, avoid making love for the 4 days just before ovulation and then make love at or just after you ovulate.

This is because it seems that sperm carrying Y chromosomes (that make a boy) tend to swim faster than those carrying X chromosomes (for a girl).

By: Janine Learner on Sat, Nov 23rd 2002

More influencing the sex of your baby advice

Also the temperature of the room can influences the sex of your baby - cold for a boy, hot (warm) for a girl apparently. No guarantees though!

It is an unfortunate fact, however none of us females are going to have the slightest influence over the sex of our baby. Determination of sex is due to the pairing of sex chromosomes at conception, either 'X' or 'Y'. Females carry 'XX' while males carry 'XY'. Our gametes, either sperm or egg can carry only one of either of these chromosomes. Thus, females can only pass an 'X' to their child and it is entirely random whether an X or Y - carrying sperm will fertilize the egg. Unfortunately, ladies, we can only hope that either an X or Y carrying sperm arrives, according to our wishes. On the bright side, however, an ignorant man who is disapointed that his wife does not produce a boy, has only himself to blame..

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Questions about influencing the sex of your baby:

im about 2 months pregnant how can i tell the sex of my baby is it boy or girl?...
- Fri, Jun 25th 2004

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