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How To Learn To Beat Match


First of all you need to know time signature of the tracks you are planning to mix together. Typically dance music is 4/4 and is recommended. 4/4 means 4 beats per bar and 4 bars to a measure.

Usually after every 16/32/64 "beats" you will hear something come into/go from the song. So you are aiming to mix your second track in at a new"measure" ideally otherwise things can sound messy.

Beatmatching is mixing two tracks together in time. It's all about adjusting pitch levels so that the BPM's are equal (or close).

All you need to do to start this process is release/play your second track on the first beat of a bar.

Then it's a case of practising getting the 2 tunes in time with each other which can be achieved by pushing the record to speed up and pressing down on the record slightly to slow it down. You can also use the pitch slider to fine tune the speed.

(If mixing with stuff that isn't instrumental, ie no beats with vocals and/or pianos it is best to only use the pitch slider as it can sound terrible otherwise).

Good luck and have fun.

By: Daniel Thomas on Wed, Sep 20th 2006

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