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How To Make Hair Look Fuller

Beauty : Haircare

There are all sorts of conditioners and gels on the market to make your hair look fuller, and they can work really well if you have hair which is very fine and as a result can look limp and lifeless. When it comes to a conditioner, a light one will actually make your hair look fuller, and if it has ingredients like keratin and collagen then it should give the appearance of more body.

How to dry your hair

You can also make a difference with the way you dry your hair. Choose a mousse or spray that is specifically designed to give volume and make sure you apply a little of it from the roots to the ends of your hair. As you dry your hair you can try scrunching it at the roots to give it some uplift, or trying tipping your head upside down as you dry and use a diffuser attachment to give some volume assistance, although be warned - this can make your hair a bit frizzy if it is prone to that, so you might be better off putting the volumising spray or mousse on the roots and aiming the hair dryer at the roots, holding them up as you dry. There are also products that you can buy to add to the roots once the hair is dry, but they only need a small amount otherwise they will have the opposite effect and weigh down your hair.

Add volume to your hair

You could also try using big velcro rollers just around the roots, not the length of your hair! Keep them in for half an hour or so immediately after drying and then remove, and comp your hair gently into place - the top layer should definitely have more volume.

By: Bev Woolfson on Mon, May 13th 2002

More hair cut advice

There is numerous things out there in the beauty industry that are said to make hair look fuller; however, the one "known" thing that make have fuller is "Egg Whites" Yes! That slimy white part of your breakfast egg is what REALLY makes hair fuller.

Here's how is done: Wet the hair down with WARM water, then apply the EGG WHITE to the scalp & massage until it foams, let the foam set until it disappears into the hair, Rinse with cool to cold water & when your hair dries it will be fuller than ever. Proven results honestly!.

What i find good is when blow drying my hair i get my brush lift a piece of hair from the top and with the hottest heat on the hairdryer dry underneath the piece of hair


My sons girfriend told me to add some salt to your bottle of shampoo, it seemed to work,not sure how drying that would be.

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