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How To Make The Most Of A Current Account

Money : Banking

When you have a current account, you should manage it well and check the balance regularly.

Actually managing a current account well can be the key to being good with money, more so than with savings accounts that many people tend to focus on.

The key to running a current account is always to keep the balance below a thousand pounds and above the level of any bills that you are know are going out in the next couple of weeks (obviously if you have some big bills then you need to keep it above the thousand pound mark temporarily!)

If you have lots of money in the current account like many do then in the majority of cases it will languish there without interest.

So then shop around for a good savings rate and transfer the money.

Be disciplined and regularly check the current account balance and when it falls above the level of your outgoings then sweep across into the savings accounts. Some accounts let you set thresholds where money will automatically be moved to the savings account.

Equally important is to ensure there is always enough money there to pay bills. If the account balance goes low then transfer some money back from savings. There is nothing more annoying than going slightly overdrawn and getting whacked with a massive charge for that fact even if you have plenty of money sitting in another account. Some current accounts can help you manage your money, and monthly budget, with a built-in money management service. They're designed to make sure your bills are accounted for and you're left with only your disposable income.

Managing an account is about being hands on, checking the balance regularly, and checking the appropriate one of the two actions above.

And that's all there is to making the most of your current account - it's simple, but actually putting it into practice is something surprisingly few people do, but is an easy way to help run your finances well and ensure you are saving all that you can.

By: Stephen

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