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How To Make The Most Of Your Computer (IV)

Computing : Software

(21) Is there a chance that you will want to perform the same search on more than one occasion, perhaps even regularly? In which case it is not ideal to have to keep on typing in the search criteria each time. But you can save the search. What you do is this: click on File, Save Search. You will see that a new desktop icon named after your search criteria is created on the desktop. Then you can simply double click this icon the next time that you want that search performed, making it easy and quick to perform.

(22) Dr Watson is a program that can tell you about any problems that there may currently be with your PC. Useful isn't it! And many people do not even know that it is there. What you should do is click on Start, Run and type drwatson. Double click the icon in the system tray to see the report that is given, adn if there any problems then you can act on them as a consequence of this.

(23) If you are having graphics problems then there may be something actually at fault with the configurations of Direct X on your system. Luckily, there is a diagnostic tool there for you to use. What you should do is click on Start, then Run, and type in dxdiag.

(24) Bored with the way that Windows looks? Is that blue screen and so on starting to get just a little bit repetitive and dare we say it...boring? Then it is time for a change! All you need to do is use Themes. Windows 95 users can use desktop architect from desktoparchitect.com

(25) You can speed up your computer and its boot process by removing any fonts that you don't need. All you have to do is open up your fonts folder, go through, and delete any that you don't need. Be careful not to delete any that are needed though! If in doubt perhaps copy the font to a disk first so that should you re-load your computer and find out taht you have deleted something that you do need after all you can get it back easily and without any heartache that a too savage cull of fonts might have resulted in!

By: on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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