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How To Make Toasties

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First plug in the machine and switch it on, the machine starts heating up. While you`re waiting for the machine to get to the correct temp, prepare the bread. Butter (tho marg is fine) one side of the bread fully, making sure you cover the whole of the bread (stops sticking to the toaster). Also now would be a good time to decide what you want in your sandwich. Ham and cheese is nice, but the cheese will run. You have been warned.

When the toaster has reached the correct temperature, the light will come on (or go off depending on what sort of machine you have) place one piece of the bread into the toaster (buttered side down) and put you chosen filling on top...now pop the other piece of bread on top (butter side up) and close the toaster (not forgetting the old saying "If it doesn`t fit, force it" (sit on it if need be)).

Give it about 3/4 minutes and then check to make sure the bread hasn`t burnt yet (if it has, nows the time to finish). Keep having a look until it looks nicely browned. Remove sandwich from toaster (turn it off first, of course) and eat.

By: Simon Collinge on Tue, Aug 6th 2002

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