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Overcoming Teenage Shyness

Relationships : Teenagers

As teenagers, you generally fall into one of two categories: someone who has had the hard knocks and had their confidence bruised by others, and those who are confident and at ease with themselves.

One of those two sets of people is happy and the other unhappy.

If you fall in to the first category, then your shyness might stop you from getting what you want: asking someone out on a date for instance.

The only way to become confident and overcome shyness is to act in a confident - and hence not a shy manner. To get the ball rolling, do some social observation: note down what it is people that are confident do that makes them seem confident.

Then it's simply a case of acting in a similar manner, and the confidence will start to flow and the shyness a thing of the past!

By: Stephanie

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Hi .. im wondering if this topic is the same as help to talking to your cousins because i have a huge problem in starting a conversation ! I want to start one but i can't ! I dont know if im shy or something else ! please help me !

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