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How To Pass Your Driving Theory Test

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The driving theory test is mandatory for everyone who wants to learn to drive in the UK and to ultimately be qualified.

Before you can take the practical test you need to first pass the theory test.

In order to do this the best bet is to familiarise yourself with all the questions beforehand.

There are something like 1,000 questions and the good thing about the test is that you can read them all beforehand, they then pick something like 45 of these at random on the day of the test.

So by preparing well you can ensure that you know all the questions in advance then it is just a case of remembering them.

There are a couple of added extras. There is a case study that counts five points.

The other part is something called a hazard perception test and there are sample video clips you can view to get used to how this works and what the hazard perception test will involve.

By doing some careful preparation you can help yourself pass your driving theory test.

By: Stacy

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