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Pick Your Celeb Sunglasses

Beauty : Celebrity Look

When it comes to accesories the eyewear is just as important as the designer purse and chiwawa, or diamond earrings.

So this means when your trying to look like a celeb you have to pick out your sunglasses carefully finding the right but stylish ones for you.

First of all for some celeb style glasses your gonna need a bit of cash so save up of whatever until you have the right amount to splash on a pair of classy specks.

They don't neccesarily have to block out the sun as their basically a fashion accesory so you can get that part out of the way.

If you dont want to have a lot of weight above your nose choose some lightweight glasses.

For celebs its all about the big sunnies big and bold.

If they have a few diamontes - perfect..!

Look through the fashion mags and see what there all wearing and find a copy thats cheaper but still as good !

By: Marianne

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