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How To Play Heyawake

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Heyawake, as you might tell from the name, is another Japanese puzzle game.

The English might be 'Hey - Awake!' but this puzzle could drive you around the bend.

Here's how to play Heyawake:

You start with a grid, that has some numbers written in a few of the cells. The major grid itself is sub-divided into several smaller 'rooms'.

You then need to colour in the blank cells in the puzzle according to the rules:

- Each number within a room dictates how many cells should be coloured in (painted) in that room. Thus a '0' is the easiest as you know no cells are coloured in - e.g. all stay white in that room.

Next up, the white cells must not be more than two rooms deep in a row in a straight line. In other words, you can have three white cells in a row as long as the white cells don't span more than two rooms.

Finally, the coloured in (painted cells) must not be connected to each other; whilst the white cells must be connected to each other.

By: Fred

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