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Rainy Day Ideas

Self Development : Children

It's a rainy day and your stuck in the house with your children. Need idea's for cheap and cheerful things to do? Here is a list of rainy day ideas.

Painting - Get the art stuff out and paint some pictures.

Baking - Bake some yummy treats.

Puppet shows - Make some puppets and make a puppet show.

Board Games - Play some Board Games or even better design your own.

Forts - Make a fort with items around the house.

Reading - Get some books out and read together.

Play Doh - Make some models with Play Doh.

Stickers - Have fun with stickers.

Hide & Seek.

Tea Party - Tea, cakes and maybe teddy bears.

Have a picnic indoors.

Cooking - Make some yummy food.

Draw a comic book.

Write a cook book together.

Record an audio book.

Write a story.

Build an obstacle course.

Play Dress Up.

Make some jewellery.

Make or play some instruments.

Play with some lego.

Make a silly video.

Perform a show in the living room.

Make some popcorn and watch some films.

Have an indoor carnival.

Make some costumes.

Build a cardboard city.


Get the crayons out.

Have a party with a food spread.

Put some music on and have a disco!

Play some console games.

Invite friends round.

Plan some things for when its sunny.

Make your own sunshine.

Write some letters.

Enjoy the rainy days, and make the most of them, they don't have to be dull and boring.

By: Jade

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